All change at pen and ink

I started my blog and my website over a year ago, while I was at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2010.  Having just returned from the 2011 Fringe, and with some unprecedented time for reflection, it seems that, useful though it is – my website can’t really reflect what I do any more.

More and more I find my activities are not scientific enough to fit under the moniker ‘science in pen and ink’.  Morris dancing plays such a big part in my life now (don’t laugh) and I feel I can’t talk about it.  Journalism is a big focus of my writing, and not always scientific, so if that is to be represented, an about turn in theme is necessary.

And so here – A Life in Pen and Ink is born.  Or rather, reborn, or revitalised, or bastardised or something.  Here I will write not only about my scientific pursuits, but also anything else that might be occupying my mind at the time.  Narcissistic you say?  Perhaps.  i will still write original long articles for my blog, but this will also give me the chance to blog more regularly and more readably.  In particular, as I start a two month fellowship at the BBC courtesy of the British Science Association, I hope to be able to talk about my experiences there.

Look forward to a new revolution in pen and ink.