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Leila BattisonMy name is Leila Battison. I am a teacher of science and the natural world in an independent school in Hastings.

I love to inspire, to inform, and to communicate those things I am passionate about. I stand up and talk, I gesticulate with my hands a lot, I write, I draw, I dance, I get pedantic about grammar, and I live for the moment. Find some of the things I love on this website and elsewhere on the internet, and find me living the good life in Hastings.

I qualified as a Geologist from Oxford University some years ago, after which I spent some time doing a PhD and then working at NASA. I’ve written and researched for the BBC, and write, illustrate and edit freelance in addition to teaching and private tutoring.

At NASA I worked with the Exobiology research branch, to work out what traces life leaves in rocks, that may be detectable over billions of years, or billions of miles.

My PhD was in early life Palaeontology and Astrobiology – I looked for fossils in the most ancient rocks on earth, and use them to understand how and where we might find life in space.  The fossils I work on are more than ten times older than dinosaurs, and 100,000 times smaller.  Exciting stuff.  For more reasons why my PhD is cool, check out Science.  As well as working on my PhD, I also taught Earth Sciences, Evolution, Astrobiology, Biology and Geography, to various levels when the opportunity comes along.

Artistically, I seem to have an aversion to colour.  I mainly produce illustrative artwork, a pursuit which  led to my participation in the production of Bang! the Oxford student science magazine.

I write popular science articles on a freelance basis, and have written for the BBC, the Aberdeen University Science Magazine, and of course, my Witterings blog, here.

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