All change at pen and ink

I started my blog and my website over a year ago, while I was at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2010.  Having just returned from the 2011 Fringe, and with some unprecedented time for reflection, it seems that, useful though it is – my website can’t really reflect what I do any more.

More and more I find my activities are not scientific enough to fit under the moniker ‘science in pen and ink’.  Morris dancing plays such a big part in my life now (don’t laugh) and I feel I can’t talk about it.  Journalism is a big focus of my writing, and not always scientific, so if that is to be represented, an about turn in theme is necessary.

And so here – A Life in Pen and Ink is born.  Or rather, reborn, or revitalised, or bastardised or something.  Here I will write not only about my scientific pursuits, but also anything else that might be occupying my mind at the time.  Narcissistic you say?  Perhaps.  i will still write original long articles for my blog, but this will also give me the chance to blog more regularly and more readably.  In particular, as I start a two month fellowship at the BBC courtesy of the British Science Association, I hope to be able to talk about my experiences there.

Look forward to a new revolution in pen and ink.


One thought on “All change at pen and ink

  1. Ms Battison

    Bring it on! BBC fellowship, journalism, paleobiology, whatever. Even Morris dancing (I guess). I will be happy to read about it. Just keep being smart and insightful and grammatically correct.

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