Looks like you’ve found me.  While you’re here, why not take a look around?
I like to think myself as a multi-faceted, I’m probably just a bit fickle.  Either way, I teach science and nature at an independent school on the South Coast. I write about all kinds of science, I draw and illustrate stuff, and I am a Morris dancer.  Here is the place to find out all about these things and more.

For all the personal gen and how to contact me read About Me.
If you want to know about by scientific side, head on over to Science.
I am published! If you want to see my publications, its Publications (Under Construction), Duh!
If you want to know about my artistic side, take a look at Illustration or Creative Spawn.
If you want to read my blog, which has a bit of everything, indulge in my Witterings.

Lambs, pen and ink on paper